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Prunus serrulata, the Japanese Cherry, also called Oriental Cherry or East Asian Cherry, is a species of Japanese ornamental cherry tree in the rose family Rosaceae. It is a small tree with a short single trunk, with a dense crown reaching a height of about 8-12 m. The smooth bark is chestnut-brown. The simple, ovate-lanceolate leaves are arranged alternately on short petioles. Their margin is serrate or doubly serrate. At the end of autumn, the green leaves turn yellow, red or crimson. Japanese Cherry is a free screensaver created by RateMyScreensaver.com containing 24 high quality photographs of the Japanese Cherry tree. Screensaver Picture Count: 24 Screensaver Type: Slideshow Credit: All images in this screensaver fall under one of the following licenses: Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike 2.0, Attribution ShareAlike 2.5, public domain, GNU Free Documentation License

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